Jul 6, 2022 | Information Cards

Angelite also known as Blue Anhydrite is a mineral first discovered in 1989 by J.I. Koivula and R.C. Kammerling. Anhydrite, which is only found in Peru, is an anhydrous calcium sulfate mineral that can associate itself with Calcites and Halites. This stone mainly crystallizes in the form of masses and is rarely seen in crystal form.
  • provides a protective field around
    the environment in which it is placed

  • both a sender and receiver; telepathic communication is enhanced, contact with other worldly beings, is initiated
    and communication with one’s spirit totem, is either introduced or intensification of information is facilitated.

  • helps one in spiritual jouneys and astral traval

  • stone for raising the state of conscious awareness
    renews one’s connectedness with universal knowledge